Monday, January 12, 2009

interview #4!

well I went to Houston on Jan. 8th for my interview with Company X... I went to dinner with two new hires and my hostess (the WPI grad of 08). I asked questions about their current responsabilities, their transitions to Houston and the company, and their training. It was actually a lot of fun. I had breakfast with my hostess on the day of my interview. I had 4 (45 minute) interviews before lunch. My first one was with a WPI grad of '76. The interviews were very conversation based. It was more an exchange of information between their experiences with the company and this department in particular and my experiences and projects to see if it was a good match. Throughout the four interviews I asked questions about the different departments within the company that they were describing and the differences on daily tasks etc. I also asked about the current economy crisis and its effect on the work this department did. I also asked about the training offered, how long it would be, and what it consisted of. Throughout the day, different individuals gave me information about the living situation in Houston, exciting things to do and visit, and involvement in the company such as intercompany leagues (including kickball and beach volleyball) and philanthropic events hosted by United Way. This all got me very excited about the company and this department specifically. More to come on this... :)

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