Friday, January 16, 2009

winter break continued...

so other than the lots of sleeping and catching up with family that I did over break... the most productive thing I did was go to an interview... after lunch during the interview I met up with Human Resources which went over the potential benefits of the company. Then I had "meet and greet time" with new hires. I asked them questions about their responsabilities and transitions to the job and city itself. It was very informativre and fun as well. My last interview was a little weirder and the person wasnt as talkative as the other interviewers. Eventually he asked me if I had any questions and I asked a couple of specific questions about the information i hasd received throughout the day. Finally he asked if I had any OTHER questions. So naturally I asked him what process should I follow, and he asked what I meant. I asked if I should expect a call or e-mail at some point or if I should call. He asked "what for?". I was extremely confused. "To see if the job is available and suitable for me?" And he responded "you what a job here? ohhh. why?" it wasnt until this point that I realized that he was humoring me. So I answered why and how I thought it was a good fit for my skills and personality. And he said they agreed and handed me an offer. Interesting to see all this happen. I was so frustrated last term with all the interviews that didn't end up working out. I'm glad I didn't give up and just kept interviewing. It finally came!

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