Thursday, September 11, 2008

How I'm Preparing for the Career Fair

There is a Greek Alumni Resume Critique next Monday, Sept. 15th in the Odeum. I will attend and bring my resume. I also will have the CDC look at my resume once more, even though they have seen it before. A resume is constantly changing according to classes one is taking, experiences, and career objectives. I will then look at the list of companies who are attending and make a list of those who are attending. I have been doing some reserach on these companies: such as basic info about the company, about their products and services, and their opportunity locations. I made sure that I had an business casual outfit for both days of the Career Fair, as well as any interview days following it. I also made sure that my clothes were clean and freshly pressed with no wrinkles. The only thing left is to get excited, print plenty copies of my resume and go in with enthusiasm and confidence.

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