Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Summer Responsabilities

As an intern at Company X, I was brand new to the department, the company, and the industry. I was lucky enough to come in during a transition period when there was a change in management. Therefore, I was able to attend a full department conference in which every member spoke about his/her responsabilities. I started out in the International Sales Department of Marine Fuels. In this department, I dealt with inquiries about our products and found out if we had availables for the clients. If so, I would then make the sale and contact operations to start the shipment process. I then worked in the Operations department. Here, I did blending calculations to make the best quality (while still looking out for profit) product out of the supply we got from Refining and Supply. I then worked in the Supply Chain Projects Management Department. This was a very exciting department considering that many decisions are being made that could affect the corporation enourmously. With this project, I traveled to Headquarters to meet with my boss's supervisor about updates on the process flow of these projects. Finally, I traveled to Panama and Houston to see the terminals there as well a refinery and the Chemical Department of the company. I had excellent managers who were always making sure that I was learning, and that's exaclty what the whole experience was: a summer of learning.

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