Friday, February 20, 2009

do I like my major????

so now that I'm leaving WPI pretty soon, I realize that I spent a lot of time trying to decide a.) what school I would attend for my undergrad... b.) what i wanted to major in ... and c.) what to do with that.... those are all legitimate questions.... I came in as Undecided and didnt really know much about chemical engineering or engineering in general... all i knew is that i was good at math and liked both physics and chem.... still i did some reading and decided that i would do chem eng.... i took the sophomore chem eng series and enjoyed it... still i didnt really know what i could do with it... i attempted to meet with the management department to create some sort of management enginering with a concentration ion chem eng kind of major... but it seemed a little complicated and decided that i might not have the time to crerate this... instead i did a management major.... I took my minor courses and loved them... i still enjoyed chem eng and the background i was getting but realized that I personally didnt want to work in a plant specifically... i wanted to work with people and bigger projects... I am now going into project management as my entry position in a company that thought my major was a good background but still relating to my minor.... the great thing is that WPI is so flexible and the curriculum is so useful that you can go into mostly any field with whatever background you have as long as you pin point what type of working environment you would like...

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