Friday, February 13, 2009

Interviewing! UYYYY

Last year I had two on campus interviews after the Fall Career Fair. I did not do any interview practices. I walked into my first interview which was a CATASTROPHE!!!! Some of the things that happened: I was asked to talk about my organization skills. I mentioned that I'm very organized and I love post-its. The interviewer says: "did you know that studies say that people who use post-it notes are very unorganized?!".... oh my god!!!!! By that moment, I could have literally walked myself out of the room and nothing would have been different. That was pretty bad. Ironically right after that, I had an interview with another company which I did end up being hired by. Now, I read about companies, the departments, the locations, and theri products/services. I am ready with questions, pick my outfit days in advance and make sure it's cleaned and pressed. I had a WPI portfolio ready with extra copies of my resume just in case. I've had about 5 interviews this year, and with every single one I have learned something new and useful for my next one. Always see an interview as an option but also as practice for the many to come in the future as well. It definitely is a learning experience. For more info on how to prepare for an interview and about interviews themselves go here:

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