Friday, February 6, 2009

Job Finder Week! + Career Fair

So last week the CDC was in the Campus Center "strutting their stuff". We had a movie with interviews of students talking about how they chose their majorsand other students talk about how their job search process was going. There were also pictures of the Fall Career Fair. The main event was the wheel that students spun if they registered for a JobFinder account (reigster here if you don't have one: We gave away candy, CDC resources, CDC stress stars and t-shirts, and 24 HOUR RESUME CRITIQUES! Pretty exciting especially right before the career fair. All in all, it was a fun week! This week was the Career Fair, and we videotaped employers talking about how students should prepare for career fairs as well as what kind of info they would like to hear from students when they are approached during a career fair. These will be published soon and added to the facebook page. Join here if you're not a fan yet: become a fan!!!!

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